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What is a VIN?

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is like a finger print for your vehicle. Every vehicle has its own unique identifier number which can be used to look up details about your vehicle including vehicle history. VIN numbers are 17 characters in length, composed of numbers and capital letters. If your VIN is less than 17 characters then it is a pre-1981 vehicle.

What do the VIN characters mean?

The first character in the VIN specifies where the vehicle was made. The second and third characters specify the manufacturer. Characters four through eight give detail about the car's engine size, brand, and type. The ninth character is a special security code that verifies that the vehicle is authorized by the manufacturer. The tenth character is the model year of the vehicle. The eleventh character defines the plant that assembled the car. Finally, the last 6 characters of the VIN are the vehicle's serial number.

How can I find my VIN?

Your VIN can be found several ways:
  • From the outside of your vehicle, look through the driver's side windshield. You should be able to easily see the VIN on the dashboard.
  • Look on the side of the driver's side door, it may be listed there.
  • Your insurance card lists your VIN.
  • It is listed on your vehicle's title and registration.